Head and Neck Surgery at UCSF


The Department of Head and Neck Surgery at UCSF turned to my team in revamping their existing marketing site with a contemporary aesthetic. The primary goals were to 1) more adequately convey their extensive research programs, 2) simplify their information architecture (IA), and 3) present a brand that, while having its own personality, would adhere to existing University brand identity guidelines.

Other Universities were offered as examples of in the competitive landscape, and there was to be little change in the existing content. One of the greater challenges was to create an attractive site with almost no available photography assets. For that, we generated new photography assets, but also created a design that was not incredibly dependent on photography.  Many pages are displayed with no photography at all, so excitement and personality are instead established with vibrant colors and non-typical layouts.


Discovery, Personas, User Journeys and Testing

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