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G-Tech-Web-Marketing-PlatformFor G-Technology we built a real “platform” for driving Web & Mobile Marketing.  I created the attached diagram to address the system we created, and the components we developed are shaded in blue.

G-Technology supplies something normally dull (external hard drives); but they do it differently. The product itself is quality, with style, available in Apple retail stores, and devoted to their users who are creative professionals worldwide in audio, video, and photography.

What made this effort so fun was connecting all the pieces brought together, progressively, to make an awesome experience.  Here’s roughly what was involved:


  • Product Discovery  (‘product’ being the site: what is this, who are we?)
  • Persons (who are they?)
  • Prototyping (do they get it like we think they will?)
  • Content Strategy  (what do they want from us)
  • Brand Experience  (convey our creative community)
  • User Experience  (how do visitors expect this to work?)
  • Content Management  (how do we organize everything?)
  • User Interface Design  (make aesthetically pleasing and practically intuitive)
  • Spec & Dev Support  (give exact instructions to build what was imagined)


Discovery, Personas, User Journeys and Testing

Want to see more of the process leading up to our final product?
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