I worked with Boxbee for around 18 months — and it all began at break-neck speed in preparation for the event where company founder, Kristoph Matthews, was slated to present his novel idea of “storage by the box”, a service made especially feasible by today’s technology.  We had only a few weeks to deliver the initial build of the original Boxbee web app, and when the clock struck “go”, I was on stage with Kristoph to manage his presentation to over 4,000 tech savvy’s and investors led by Jason Calacanus.


“I was told a big reason we won the competition was because of our design”

– Kristoph Matthews, Founder & CEO, Boxbee

Boxbee is a great example of project that was taken from absolute inception all the way to full blown brand experience,  User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI). That and an array of process consulting and software development are only a short list of what was involved.  The full blown application was crafted as a result of countless strategy meetings and user research.


Discovery, Personas, User Journeys and Testing

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Even the 1-minute Ad you see below was story-boarded and directed by yours-truly.  We scouted the appropriate talent for main role and spent 2 days shooting the film.  It which was a lot of fun — those moving shots you see following the van involved walkie talkies and careful obeyance of traffic laws 😉

Here we are, on stage, presenting the initial concept to an audience of 4,000 at the festival in San Francisco.




Live Brand and Experience

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